Beautiful Wild Rose Girl | A Short Story

"Beautiful Wild Rose Girl" is a heart-touching story about a poor girl with low self-esteem who finds love and happiness with a kind shepherd boy.

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a story that I found online and that really touched my heart. It's called "Beautiful Wild Rose Girl" and it's written by William Hugel. You can read the original story here:

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl selling her roses in the village market surrounded by bullfrogs, while the poor shepherd boy admires her beauty and offers her a gold coin.

The story is about a poor girl who lives in a swamp and sells wild roses in the village market. She is very beautiful and smells like roses, but she thinks she is ugly and smelly because of the swamp and the bullfrogs that mock her every night. She also has a huge sack of gold coins that she keeps under a tree, but she doesn't know what to do with them. One day, a poor shepherd boy falls in love with her and offers her his only gold coin for one of her roses. She agrees to give him the rose the next day, but when he comes back, he finds out that she has left the swamp and moved to a brick house in the village. He follows her there and asks her to marry him, but she refuses because she thinks he only wants her money. He proves his love by throwing his gold coin into the swamp and telling her that he loves her more than anything. She finally realizes that he is sincere and accepts his proposal. They live happily ever after in their brick house, surrounded by roses.

Beautiful Wild Rose Girl | A Short Story

I think this story is very beautiful and sad at the same time. It shows how low self-esteem can affect our happiness and how love can heal our wounds. It also teaches us not to judge people by their appearance or their circumstances but by their heart and their actions. I really liked how the wild roses were kind to the girl and helped her escape from the swamp. They symbolize her inner beauty and strength that she didn't see in herself.

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